iHerb Careers: How to Become a Part of Team iHerb?

iHerb Careers: How to Become a Part of Team iHerb?

Last Updated: November, 2023

iHerb Careers is an iHerb’s career portal for people passionate about health and nutrition to find their dream job in the industry.

They connect you with companies that need your skills, experience, and passion. They also provide information on how to get started in this field and tips and tricks of the trade. 

iHerb Careers is like an online community where you can meet like-minded individuals with similar interests.

You will network with other professionals in the same field and learn from each others’ experiences. To know more about iHerb Careers, keep reading this article.

iHerb Careers
iHerb Careers: How to Become a Part of Team iHerb?

Who Can Apply to be a Part of the Team at iHerb?

Anyone who desires to work in the health and wellness industry can apply. The company has no specific requirements or qualifications to join its team.

However, it would be helpful to have some knowledge or experience in the health and wellness industry.

If you do not have any prior understanding, it is best to start by volunteering. This way, you can gain valuable experience before applying for a full-time position.

What Is the Culture at iHerb?

The company believes in creating a fun and friendly environment. It encourages employees to take care of themselves physically and mentally to perform better at work.

Employees are given plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

In addition to the regular training programs offered, many events are held throughout the year, such as food tastings, cooking classes, fitness challenges, etc.

These activities help build camaraderie among employees.

How Do You Apply to Work for iHerb?

You can apply through the website https://careers.iherb.com. All you need to do is fill out the application form and upload your resume.

Once the application process is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. After that, you will be contacted by one of our recruiters regarding further details.

This opportunity is open to all applicants regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other characteristics protected under applicable law.

What Is the Company’s Mission Statement?

Our mission is to empower consumers to access safe and effective natural products.

We believe everyone should have access to quality healthcare, and we strive to make this happen by providing affordable natural products and services.

We are committed to being responsible corporate citizens, supporting local communities, and protecting the environment.

How Do I Apply for a Position at iHerb?

Please fill out the application form and submit it along with your resume.

Once the process is complete, you may receive an email notification stating whether you were shortlisted for the interview stage.

For example: “Thank you for submitting your application. Your resume was reviewed, and we found it suitable for the next round of interviews.”

Please check your spam folder if you did not hear back within two weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Working at iHerb?

There are various benefits associated with working for iHerb. Some of these include:

  • Competitive salary

If you are selected for the final round of interviews, you will be paid competitively based on your skills and experience. You will also get additional compensation for completing sales targets. For example, You don’t have to worry about getting sick because you will receive paid leave. Also, you will be provided with medical insurance coverage.

  • Flexible hours

Working hours vary depending on the needs of the business. For instance, if the company is experiencing high demand, you might be required to work overtime. However, you will always be able to choose when to work. Most importantly, you will enjoy flexibility in scheduling since you will be free to choose your schedule.

  • Opportunity to learn new things

We offer continuous learning opportunities to ensure that you stay up-to-date with current trends. This helps us provide better customer service and improve productivity. In addition to that, we hold internal pieces of training every month where we discuss different topics ranging from marketing strategies to product development.

  • Career growth

At iHerb, we encourage you to use your talents to their fullest potential. As such, we offer career growth opportunities. If you want to grow professionally, there are many avenues available. These include promotions, training programs, mentorship programs, etc.

What Are Some of the Perks of Working at iHerb?

Some of the perks of working for iHerb include:                        

  • Free lunch

You will be given a daily meal allowance which you can use as you wish. If you need more time to prepare your meals, you can ask for help from colleagues or even our chefs.

  • Discounts

You will be entitled to discounts on certain items. For example, you will be eligible to buy products at discounted prices. In addition, you will be offered special deals like gift cards, etc.

  • Employee referral program

You can earn rewards for referring friends who join iHerb. The more people you refer, the higher your reward level will be. For example, You can earn $10 per friend referred.

  • Company events

We organize company events regularly so that you can socialize with other employees. These events range from team-building activities to happy hour parties. This event will allow you to meet new people and network.

What Types of Positions Are Available at iHerb?

The following positions are currently open at iHerb.

  • Sales Representative. If you want to make money by selling products online, this position may be proper for you. You will be responsible for promoting iHerb’s products through email marketing, social media, etc.
  • Customer Service Representative. This position involves providing excellent customer service via phone calls, emails, chats, etc.
  • Marketing Coordinator. As a Marketing Coordinator, you will play a key role in ensuring that all of our marketing efforts are successful. You will be responsible for creating content that will attract visitors to our website. You will also be involved in developing campaigns that will promote our brand.
  • Product Development Manager. As a Product Development Manager, you will be responsible for designing and implementing innovative products. You will also ensure that these products meet our quality standards.
  • Warehouse Worker. As a warehouse worker, you will be responsible for transporting goods from one location to another. You will also be required to sort incoming shipments according to their destination.

Does iHerb Offer Internships?

Yes! The internship is a great way to gain valuable experience while getting paid.

At iHerb, they have internship programs for students interested in pursuing careers in sales, marketing, operations, etc.

What Are the Challenges of Working at iHerb?

There are several challenges associated with working at iHerb. Some of them include:

  • High employee turnover rate. Our employee turnover rate is high because most employees leave after only six months. This means that you will not get much exposure during your first few months of employment.
  • Long hours. Most employees work long hours. This includes weekends and holidays. However, if you are willing to put in extra effort, you can expect better compensation. If you want to learn more about the culture at iHerb, please visit our culture page.

Final Thoughts on iHerb Careers

iHerb provides an excellent place to work. It has a fun corporate culture, and many opportunities to grow professionally.

However, the salary is low compared to other companies. We recommend considering other options before joining iHerb.

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