What Are the Ways to Contact iHerb Customer Service?

What Are the Ways to Contact iHerb Customer Service?

Last Updated: November, 2023

iHerb, a company based in California, is dedicated to providing natural health and wellness products to consumers globally.

The company aims to make your shopping experience more convenient, give people the best value, and become the world’s first choice for amazing health and wellness.

How Does iHerb Customer Service Work?

iHerb customer service ensures customers get all the help they need. For instance, customer service can help you answer questions regarding your order, including why items may be removed from your order, why you can’t log in to your account, questions on UPS or Lasership temporary delays, and why a discount won’t apply to your order.

iHerb customer service can also help you answer more questions (if needed) on types of shipping, accepted (or available) payment methods, product suggestions, etc., all this effort is meant to help you have an easy time browsing for and shipping the purchased product to your preferred location with minimal delays.

What are Some of the Ways to Contact iHerb?

There are various ways you could contact iHerb to get help.

They include Live Chat, Email, Phone numbers, and different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok.

iHerb Customer Service
What Are the Ways to Contact iHerb Customer Service?

What are Some of the Best Ways to Contact the Customer Service Team at iHerb?

As mentioned above, you can contact iHerb through many channels, including phone numbers, LiveChat, and Email.

Any time you buy something from an online store, it is always possible that something may go wrong.

Thus, the best way to handle such issues is by contacting customer service, which is why iHerb has multiple channels to ensure quick connections and fast solutions.

Phone number

Calling the customer service department is the best way to solve any issues you may have with your order.

You’ll be able to communicate (in real time) with a representative who’ll help you solve your issue promptly.

Live Chat

This option is suitable for individuals who’d rather chat with the representatives.

It is a great way to solve urgent issues since it allows for real-time feedback and solutions.

This option is available for customers from Monday to Friday (8:00 to 18:00 P.S.T).


You could contact iHerb through Email if you don’t have an urgent issue.

This channel is slower than the other two, and it would be great if you were as descriptive as possible when describing your problem.

Who Can You Contact When You Have a Question about Your Order?

If you have some problems with your order, you can contact customer care through their phone number, Email, or Live Chat.

If you want to change your order or ask about a delay, you have to call, email, or chat with iHerb customer representatives (depending on the urgency) to get help.

What are the Hours of Operation for the Customer Service Team at iHerb?

iHerb has 24/7 email support, meaning you can send them an email anytime and get the help you need.

However, you’ll have to note that email support takes some time compared to other customer service channels.

You could also chat with customer service between 10:00 and 18:00 PST on live chat.

However, you should also note that live chat customer service is closed for the holidays.

It takes about three to six minutes to get in touch with customer service through this option but chatting with a bot.

At the same time, waiting could help streamline your query for better and optimized help from a customer service representative.

You could also call them between 08:00 and 18:00 P.S.T from Monday to Friday to solve your issue.

It is recommended that you make your calls in the early afternoon since there’s less traffic at that time.

You may be put on hold for an average of three minutes, which is a short time considering how many calls they get.

What are Some of the Benefits of iHerb Customer Service?

iHerb customer service ensures that all their customers’ issues are solved promptly.

They also ensure that they maintain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with either side.

They do this by providing customers with reliable multi-channeled platforms, i.e., social media, a customer service phone number, email, and live chat.

This ensures that customers can provide product recommendations, solve issues (including payment, orders, and deliveries), and give compliments where they are due.

Doing this ensures that there is a healthy relationship between iHerb and its customers, fostering a great sense of belonging within the community.

This helps create happy and loyal customers that are satisfied with iHerb’s products and services.

What are Some of the Disadvantages of iHerb Customer Service?

iHerb doesn’t have any disadvantages. It’s received many great reviews that average a 4.5-star rating, which is amazing compared to many other online companies.

Most customers seem to like it, which is a great sign!

How Long Does It Take for an Email to be Responded to?

iHerb takes too long (up to 65 hours) to reply to customers’ emails sometimes.

However, this is understandable, considering how many emails the company receives daily.

Plus, you can still get through to them using other channels like their phone number and LiveChat feature.

What are the Ways to Contact iHerb via Live Chat?

You could contact iHerb via live chat if you have issues regarding their shopping, orders, shipping, and payments by scrolling down the page to the customer service section and clicking on “Contact us.”

This link will redirect you to another page that has the Live Chat function that you can click on to chat with a customer service representative.

While waiting, you could get help from a bot on some basic issues; however, you’ll have to register your account (assuming you don’t have one) and verify it to get help from a customer service representative.

Once you’ve done that, the customer service representative will help you with your problem in no time!

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