What Is iHerb Return Policy (Very IMPORTANT)

What Is iHerb Return Policy (Very IMPORTANT)

Last Updated: November, 2023

iHerb is a website that retails healthcare and nutritional products.

The company provides you with herbs, supplements, beauty and bath products, sports goods, kids’ accessories, and groceries.

It ships worldwide. They sell genuine and best-quality products. As the platform is so popular, it has customers from all over the world.

Sometimes it happens that we order a wrong product and want to return it, or there may be some other reason for the return.

Say you stay far away from the company’s location, but the return is urgent, and you need clarification about the return policy. No need to worry.

This article will answer all the iHerb return policy-related questions so that you face no difficulty in returning your products. 

How Long is the Return Policy?

iHerb always wants its customers to have a good shopping experience, so the return policy has been composed keeping all that in mind.

A person who wants to return an item has to submit a request before a duration of 60 days, and for the exclusive iHerb items, you have to submit a request 90 days from the day the product was delivered to you.

To make the return process a speedy one and for you to get a resolution faster, you should upload pictures of the products you want to return.

You will see the refund and return option once the period of 60 days has passed. Only orders that are within the refund period can be processed back.

What is the Return Shipping Fee?

 Once you have put in the return/refund request, the department responsible for returns will email you. The email will consist of the details of your order.

It will mention the amount of refund you will get for your product. So there aren’t any additional shipping return charges, but any amount can be deducted from the amount paid for the products that you want to return.

Attach the images for damages, then they may not charge anything, and you can put up a request for a replacement.

What Items Can be Returned?

If the products that you receive from iHerb are spoiled or damaged, then they can be returned. If in case you are delivered with a product that has a similar name but is different from the one you wanted, it can be returned.

Products that have expired or have been damaged while shipping to you can be replaced. Just be careful while checking the expiration date, and don’t confuse it with the manufacturing date.

If you have received any of the above-mentioned products from iHerb, you can go to your profile and request a return.

What are the Conditions for Returns?

There are some conditions that apply to the iHerb return policy. If you fail to put in a return request before the expiry of the 60-day window after your products have been delivered to you, then the option for return will be available to you again.

Some of the items on the website cannot be returned or exchanged; they can only be refunded. Thus, before you purchase, see if the return option is available for a particular product you want. 

If you claim that you have received a damaged, spoiled, or wrong product, you will have to provide the website with proof.

What Items are not Eligible for a Return?

When you shop, you should see if the products are eligible for return. It is all mentioned when you make a purchase.

The products that exceed the 60 days duration will also not be returned according to the policies laid down by the website. Ensure to act on time and take at most the specified time. 

If you want to return a damaged product, you have to provide the proper documentation. If they see a fault in the proof that you provide, they will not approve the return.

If you need to replace a product that is on a promotional offer, see when the promotion expires, or else the items will be returned after the promotional period.

What are the Terms and Conditions of iHerb’s Return Policy?

For Buyer 

  • Request for return within 60 days after delivery 
  • Proper proof for spoiled or damaged good
  • Providing the correct information

For Seller 

Any Merchandise that is: harmed amid shipment, inaccurately transported (counting overage and erroneous Goods/SKU), flawed, unsafe, deficient, infringing upon any third party’s intellectual property rights, and are not do not comply with the existing laws and buyer policies will be returned, replaced and the shipped again all on the expense of the seller.

Thus if something goes wrong from the seller’s side, it will be the seller’s burden to make that product reach the customer again and in mint condition. 

What is iHerb’s Refund Policy?

iHerb’s refund policy is quite simple to follow and understand, and you won’t find any difficulty if you comply with all the steps.

There are four points stated in their policy:

  1. If you have to return a product, you must do that within 60 days or 90 days in some special cases. After that, the option to return won’t be available to you.
  2. Some of the products are only eligible for a refund and cannot be returned or replaced.
  3. Valid documentation must be provided when returning a product because it is damaged or spoiled.
  4. Refunds will be initiated into the original payment platform or as rewards credit.

How Can I Cancel My Order?

You can cancel your order only before it has been shipped. You can cancel your order via your phone as well as your desktop.

On your phone, select the person icon, which is present in the bottom right corner of the app. Here you will see the recent orders list.

Select the detail option of the product you need to cancel. You will see a cancel order option in the center of the screen. Simply select it, and it will be canceled. 

On your desktop, select the edit order option and follow the same steps as on the app. You will get a prompt that confirms your decision to cancel your order.

Keep in mind that an order cannot be canceled once it has been shipped. If your package has already been shipped, then the cancel option will not be available to you, and the status of your order will be as ‘shipped.’

Can I Get a Gift Card or Gift Certificate from iHerb?

No, there is no option to get a gift card or certificate from iHerb. If you want to gift something to your loved ones, you can simply place an order on their behalf and get it delivered to their address. 

How Long Do I Have to Contact Customer Service for a Refund?

The duration depends on the type of return request. However, you will have to contact them once or twice as their service is good, and they keep you updated from their own side.

Once you submit the return request, they will send you an email within a day or two containing all the details about your return.

Once your return has been approved, the return process starts, and you can track this on your app. Thus you can avoid contacting customer service again and again. 

How Long Does It Take to Process a Return?

Once you submit your return request, it will be reviewed, which can take a maximum of 3 days. After the review, you get an email that states if your request has been denied or approved.

If your request is approved, it will take between 5 to 10 business days to initiate a refund or replacement.

If you are a customer who stays outside the United States, then the process will take more time due to the distance. It can take about 35 days for the process to complete. 

Is There a Restocking Fee for Returns?

iHerb may sometimes charge a restocking fee for returns. Sometimes the refund amount does not match the price that you had originally paid for the products.

This happens because of the extra expenses incurred while returning the products back to the seller.

Expenses include shipping fees, return postage, storage costs, handling costs, and, presently, quarantine costs. A part of these expenses may be taken from your refund.

What is the Company’s Policy on Opened and Unopened Items?

The company clearly states that if you find a product that has been damaged or spoiled backed up with proper proof, it will be returned. It does not matter if you open the product or not.

The product may appear alright from the outside but can be damaged from the inside.

Just don’t tamper with anything because if the company finds out that it is your fault for the damages, it will not approve the request for returning the products.

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