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UK iHerb Promo Code

+ Free Shipping over £29*

Use UK iHerb Promo Code KOV618 at checkout for an extra 5% off, plus get free shipping for orders over £29. First-time iHerb UK  customers also receive a $5 discount. Click below to apply the iHerb discount codes automatically.

* Equal to USD 20. Select orders only. Exclusions apply.

6 New iHerb UK Codes in June, 2024

1) Save $5 Off Your 1st Order

2) Save 5% Off Any Order

3) 10% Off Brands of the Week

4) Up to 70% Off Specials

5) Up to 90% Off iHerb Trials

6) 20% Off Bath & Beauty

Free Shipping and Discounts

You can send it to UK, no matter if it’s to the London, to Manchester, or someplace else, in an on-time, fast and dependable way. You can also ship for free on orders that are US$40 (~£31 ) when you choose DHL, UPS, or air mail. 

This represents a significant saving on international shipping costs to UK at least 95% off. You’ll need to be sure to use the code KOV618.

1) The VAT on imported goods is £15. See: VAT info

2) Orders over £15 via Postal Airmail may be charged a Value Added Tax (around 20%), a Customs Duty (around 12%) and a flat £8 from the UK Royal Mail as a handling charge.

For affordable and speedy shipping options all over the world, you can use iHerb UK promo code. You’ll find that customers in UK see their orders in days as opposed to weeks.

Running low on the supplement can be a problem. But iHerb Inc. can be a lifesaver!

How to Save Off Your Order

You’re going to want to take full advantage of this maximum savings with iHerb Discount Code KOV618:

1) Just click one of the buttons to apply the iHerbs coupon code to activate the discount. Then when you check-out your discount will be applied automatically.

2) Place any special items in your shopping cart

3) When using your code at checkout, first-time customers enter iHerb promo code KOV618 into the rewards box.

4) Customers who are ordering for the first time can save a significant amount on their order with an £3.83 And every customer receives additional 5% credit on their future orders.

There are other special iHerb promos that the company will run. They all operate at different times.

Over 30,000 Vitamins and Supplements

You’ll find over 30,000 kinds of supplement, vitamins, and health foods at iHerbs.

You’ll find the same brand products that are popular throughout the health and medical industry, but you’ll find them at prices that are usually up to 30% less than at retail.

Also, you may find products you never knew were available. iHerbs has a significant buying power, and that translates to huge savings for you.

Place iHerbs prices next to leading online sellers such as Lucky Vitamins and Vitacost, and you’ll see the savings.

For customers who order from Norway, please take advantage of find details about your iHerb rabattkode Norge here.

iHerb UK Trial Pricing

You can find low-cost trials at significant savings in beauty products, nutrition, and food.

Just visit this page to choose the items you’d like on trial. Some of the items include digestive care, sleep aids, and superfoods.

Even though you’ll find products on trial, you still be charged shipping costs for this products.

Natural Vitamins and Supplements

Use your UK code to shop the best natural supplements and healthy formulas.

Natural brands are important to customers, so use the code to find the best natural formulas and supplements. 

Every time you order, you will benefit from the GMP facility that can be found in California. This is because herbs and vitamins shipped from there represent a percentage of the best UK deals around.

You’ll find prices that are 60 to 70% off from what you’ll find at other health and supplement outlets. So stock up your cart. 

If you are living in the Netherlands, please go to our special iHerb Nederland promo code page.

iHerb Rewards Program

Did you know that you can earn credit towards every purchase you make?

When you become an iHerbs customer and join the rewards program, you can save significantly.

All you have to do is pass your unique code to your family and friends, and you will earn the special rewards.

Shipping is available throughout all of Europe as well. Residents of France can take advantage of our France iHerb code promo as well.

Some of the offers include top digestive care, superfoods, and sleep aids. Shipping will occur on all free products.

Savings for Esisting Customers

Ordering from iHerbs means, you earn loyalty credit instantly every time an order is shipped.

You will get up to 5% of your order toward your next purchase.  Shipping cost is not included.

For example, if you choose £40 of goods, you get £2 on your next order. The iHerbs loyalty credit stays active in your account for up to 60 days. 

Some of the products in stock included are Whole Food Vitamins, Gummy Vitamin C, High Absorption CoQ10 and Omega-3 Fish Oil.

For bulk orders or international iHerb discount code Australia, the same discounts apply.


There has been a 100% success rate in 2024 for discounts activated for first-time customers, with over 10,353 in total.

iHerb is the best in the online business currently as seen in this article. It is rated at 4.78 out of 951 great reviews by the Price Grabber. If you are planning to purchase any of your favorite supplements online choose

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